Buy & sell Crypto directly in and from more than 300 Wallets

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Many possibilities. You decide.

Connect one of more than 300 Wallets directly with our FIAT On- and Offramp.
With a simple tap of your finger

Metamask / Rabby

Buy your desired asset directly in the two leading Web3 Wallets available on the market

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Wallet Connect

Connect your existing Wallet like Bybit, Bitget, and many more.

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Hardware Wallets

Using DFX you can buy directly on your Ledger, your Bitbox our your Trezor Hardware Wallet.

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Cake Wallet

Securely store, send and exchange your crypto with ease. Trusted by hundreds of thousands of users.

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Monero (XMR) only wallet. This wallet allows you to store, exchange and spend your Monaro.

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Command Line

For developers: Manually create a digital signature of your choice for your wallet.

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