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What we offer

Jumpstart your Crypto- or FinTech-Business with our proven 
plug and play services

We make all the complicated bits as easy as integrating a new API.
Use our Crypto On-/Off-Ramp and KYC as a Service or benefit from our expertise of developing Crypto Wallets as well as Security Systems for digital finance.

Finished Projects

Our Services

Crypto On- / Off-Ramp

Having handled thousands of fiat to crypto and crypto to fiat transactions, we learned through sweat and tears what is needed to connect a bank account to a crypto wallet. The result is a time-tested, solidly built On- and Off-ramp, that is easily integrated into your app or website via an API. No matter if you have retail or corporate clients, we handle their transactions, you build their experience.

KYC – Customer Verification

Use our KYC toolbox to comply with regulatory requirements. For your retail and corporate investors DFX offers an end-to-end Customer Verification process to identify your customers in cooperation with our partners KYC Spider, ID-Now and Intrum. The entire verification process is structured as a toolbox and you can take out the tools you need.

Crypto Wallet for Desktop and Mobile

Crypto Wallets

Offer your clients a crypto wallet, that carries your brand into their daily crypto habits. We have the expertise and skill set to develop a custom wallet for your project with quick turnover times. If you wish, this wallet already comes with an integrated Crypto On-/Off-Ramp as well as KYC to create a seamless end-to-end User-Experience.

DFX Security Systems

Security Systems

Do you have custody over customer funds? From our perspective, this creates a huge responsibility on your part to make sure, these funds can’t be compromised. We have real-world expertise in this field and have already built custom hardware and software solutions for international clients. We can either build your entire security infrastructure or offer consulting.

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