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Buy & Sell Ethereum, BNB, USDC and other crypto gems directly with your MetaMask

Connect your bank Account to your MetaMask Wallet

Bank account to MetaMask
in 10 minutes

The non-custodial crypto exchange: Your keys, Your coins

We sincerely believe in one of the core values of crypto: ownership. You shouldn’t need to trust us to get into crypto. You hold you keys, these are your coins.

Your Keys, your Coins with MetaMask
Buy and Sell directly in(to) MetaMask

Buy directly into your MetaMask.
Without KYC.

No complicated registration needed, if your daily volume stays below 990€. Just send your money, we send you crypto. Easy and fast.

Payment options

Choose between a simple bank transfer or, if you want it to be faster, SEPA instant and receive your Crypto within a few minutes in your MetaMask Wallet. 

Payment Options with DFX Exchange
Dollar Cost Average with DFX

Dollar-Cost-Average into Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain

You want to invest in crypto long term? Set up a standing order and benefit from the dollar cost average effect: by making regular investments – e.g. 100€ in ETH each week – you will receive the average price over the whole time period.

Fiat to MetaMask as easy as 1-2-3

Step 1: Connect MetaMask

Connect the Exchange with MetaMask.

Step 2: Choose asset and make wire transfer

Choose asset and make wire transfer.

Step 3: Receive asset in your MetaMask

Receive the asset in your MetaMask.

Or see our detailed video guides:

Get started with MetaMask

What is DFX Exchange?

How to buy with the DFX Exchange?

Frequently Asked Questions

F.A.Q. MetaMask & DFX Exchange

MetaMask: Why the flexible Web3 is special

Since 2016, you can store and manage Ethereum-based cryptocurrencies and assets in the MetaMask hot wallet. This is an add-on for your web browser. Unlike a hardware wallet like Ledger, MetaMask relies on an online solution. Meanwhile, you can alternatively use an app for Android or iOS – the principle is identical!

You download the add-on or the app for free and with minimal effort – a relevant plus point! This additional function in the browser or this app will then make it easier for you to deal with all Ethereum-based cryptocurrencies and other assets. Moreover, you benefit from a high level of security. The developers attach great importance to effective encryption and the open source approach. The open source code ensures maximum transparency.

Securely hold a variety of cryptocurrencies in your MetaMask Wallet

You can use this hot wallet as a wallet for all currencies and tokens from the Ethereum system. This includes Ether as the main currency of the Ethereum universe. In addition, the wallet is suitable for currencies like Tether, UniSwap, Chainlink and Dai. If you want to buy Bitcoin, you can do so via the DFX Bitcoin app. The easiest way to invest in DeFiChain assets is via the DFX DeFiChain app.

How does MetaMask work for coins and tokens?

This application allows you to perform all basic functions necessary for managing and trading cryptocurrencies and digital assets. You can buy, exchange, and send various coins and tokens. The major advantage of MetaMask is its ease of use: simply click on the corresponding extension in your web browser and perform the desired transactions within seconds!

If someone wants to send you coins or tokens, simply copy your wallet address, which you can find prominently displayed in the add-on or app. Once the other party has initiated the transaction, you will see the incoming amount recorded in your wallet.

MetaMask as ERC20 token wallet

This digital wallet is recommended for all ERC20 tokens. But what exactly is ERC20? This term refers to digital assets that are based on the Ethereum blockchain. ERC20 is a standard protocol that governs the creation of tokens and ensures the smooth trading of these assets. With MetaMask, you can store, send, and receive all tokens that are based on the ERC20 standard!

Securely store BEP20 tokens in MetaMask

The Binance Smart Chain (BSC) was launched as a so-called “fork” of Ethereum in September 2020 and was launched by the crypto trading platform Binance. Since all blockchain protocols are open source, anyone can create a copy and make their own customizations, this is called “creating a fork”. The goal here was to keep the positive features of Ethereum and make adjustments to lower transaction costs. The token protocol on Ethereum is called ERC20, and its counterpart on the Finance Smart Chain is called BEP20. This standard has quickly established itself. Compared to ERC20, you benefit from higher speed of execution and lower transaction fees. The MetaMask can also be used with other protocols, including the Binance Smart Chain. So take advantage of the potential of BEP20 with the MetaMask! As with ERC20 tokens, you get access to smart contracts with BEP20 tokens. Another plus point is that both standard protocols are compatible with a wide range of decentralized applications (DApps).

Ethereum Staking within MetaMask

The Ethereum Staking is a popular method to generate passive income. Provide your cryptocurrencies for the Proof-of-Stake process and receive rewards for it! With the Lido integration, MetaMask has integrated this feature into the wallet. With just a few clicks and details, you can participate in staking – this feature is another advantage of this application!

In the future, it will also be possible to enter ETH staking directly through the DFX Exchange. This will make buying ETH and earning with ETH a seamless process.

The DFX Exchange: buy crypto without KYC directly into your non-custodial wallet

Through DFX Exchange, you can securely acquire cryptocurrencies in just a few steps. Transfer the respective amount from your bank to the DFX bank account. Shortly after the funds are received, we will execute the transaction. If you carry out a SEPA instant transfer, the entire process only takes a few minutes.

We will send the purchased currency directly to your wallet. In doing so, you always use the non-custodial MetaMask Wallet – specifically, this means: only you have access to the required private keys and thus to your assets. As a service provider, DFX has no way of gaining access to your digital assets.

Buy Ethereum directly into MetaMask without detours and sell it flexibly

DFX presents you with a MetaMask marketplace that is directly connected to this digital application. Buy, sell, and exchange various cryptocurrencies user-friendly on the Ethereum Mainnet, the Binance Smart Chain, the DeFi Meta Chain, and soon also on Polygon and Cardano. The buying and selling processes are intuitively understandable even for novices. We transfer the purchased cryptocurrencies and assets directly to your hot wallet, where you can securely store them!

Buy and sell tokens directly with DFX Exchange Binance smart chain

Through DFX Exchange, you can also connect your MetaMask to the well-known Binance Smart Chain. Add various tokens to your portfolio – with DFX, you can complete the entire purchase process in just a few steps and with maximum security. You can also carry out sales comfortably in this way.

This demonstrates the flexibility of MetaMask. It can be connected to various platforms and blockchains – including the Binance Smart Chain, which is a standalone blockchain of the cryptocurrency exchange Binance.

Buy and sell USDT – securely in and out of MetaMask with DFX Exchange

USD Tether (USDT) is among the most popular token-based cryptocurrencies. It is a USD stablecoin, meaning that the exchange rate is always 1 USDT = $1. The issuers of the coin, Tether Limited, ensure this stability with dollar reserves. Tether is particularly popular among professional market participants, as it allows them to quickly withdraw assets from volatile investments without leaving the crypto market as a whole. Demand from private investors is also increasing, and you too can react more flexibly to the market using Tether.

Trade USDT comfortably with DFX Exchange and securely store your assets in MetaMask. Payment is made, as with all transactions in the DFX offering, via a simple bank transfer. Speed up the purchase process by opting for a SEPA instant transfer. Do you want to sell USDT? This can also be achieved with minimal effort! Stay flexible with the connection between MetaMask and DFX Exchange – 24 hours a day!

How to buy (and sell) Altcoins directly into MetaMask

The term Altcoins means alternative coins and refers to cryptocurrencies that serve as an alternative to the pioneer Bitcoin. With DFX Exchange, you can buy and sell various Altcoins directly in and out of your MetaMask. The only requirement is that they are based on the ERC20 or BEP20 standard. Use the respective input masks in the Exchange for the buying and selling processes! These processes are self-explanatory, and the application impresses with its simple design.

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