Download the DFX Smartphone Wallet


Create your own Wallet 
  • By creating your own wallet, you get access to the DeFiChain protocol and to the service of DFX
  • Press Create Wallet
  • Manually note down your 24-words seed phrase
  • Confirm your 24-words seed phrase 
Buying and Selling DeFi Tokens 
Generate passive cashflow
Track your tax with Cointracking
  • You can easily document all of your transactions and rewards through our 1-click solution enabled by an API to Cointracking or by importing a CSV file of your transaction
  • Completely automated process for your tax report as well as uncomplicated download of a detailed tax report to track each of your transactions
Business documents
  • First, documents must be uploaded that prove the ownership structure and the person’s authority, e.g. by means of an excerpt from the commercial register or the company’s statutes/articles of incorporation
  • Second step is a chatbot where questions need to be answered, e.g. regarding the origin of funds of the investment
  • The last step is an online ID procedure to establish the identity with an identification document (passport or ID). If necessary, a Video-Ident procedure follows
Sign-up today and enjoy a bonus of 20 EUR.
Referral program at DFX
  • 20 EUR in DFI for the referrer + 20 EUR in DFI for the referred person
  • The referrer receives the referral bonus on her wallet right away / the referred person on her staking deposit address
  • Additionally, the referrer receives up to 0.5% for all DeFiChain assets purchases of her referred people
  • Conditions: A newly referred customer is considered successfully referred if the newly referred customer has opened a wallet using the referral code of the referrer (wallet opening as of xx.xx.xxxx), and has an active staking route at DFX (100DFI deposited on staking route). For the first 28 days you will be staking with DFX completely free of charge and receiving full Masternode Rewards.
Zigurat x DFX Partnership

June 26th, 2022

Zigurat signs a win-win collaboration with DFX, a Crypto brokerage firm from Switzerland, and the first provider that allows you to invest directly into DeFi (Decentralized Finance) assets on DeFiChain via SEPA bank transfers.

After signing a partnership with one of the most important engineering companies around the world, Zigurat virtually travels to Switzerland and dives into a different, but familiar field: the Blockchain Technology. The partnership with DFX aims to create synergies in three main areas: Training, Talent and Promotion. In the area of Training, Zigurat will promote and support professional development by providing special economic conditions to encourage DFX staff to join the Global Master ́s in Blockchain Technologies. In the area of Talent, DFX will be able to post job offers within the Alumni platform and get in contact with highly skilled professionals. And finally, in the area of promotion, both companies will keep pushing forward to help the industry in the adoption of Decentralized Finance (DeFi).

In June 2021 DFX was founded in Switzerland and the service was launched at the end of August 2021 offering investments in DeFi assets with simple SEPA bank transactions. Therefore, DFX holds an official financial intermediary license in order to comply with all regulations in place which is particularly important to our corporate clients as well as retail investors. Since going live last August, DFX has processed a total transaction volume of more than 43 million EUR. Generating passive and daily cashflow is one of the core features of DFX. Our staking service guarantees daily rewards or (compounding) interests right into your Smartphone wallet or even into your bank account.

DFX COO Jonas Surmann highlights: “We are very happy and grateful for our cooperation with Zigurat. We believe that this partnership can lift education about DeFi and Crypto in general to the next level. Sharing our knowledge and educating people and corporations in DeFi, its opportunities as well as its challenges are part of our identity at DFX. Partnering up with such a renowned institute like Zigurat that has offered the first ever accredited Master’s program in the field of Blockchain and Crypto globally, provides the credibility to a topic like DeFi that it deserves, since the narrative behind DeFi is nothing less than the reinvention of the entire financial system. We are looking forward to this joint partnership in order to make as many people as possible familiar with the operating principles of DeFi.”

DFX CMO Oliver Rummel adds: “This collaboration is clearly about communicating Blockchain technology in a comprehensible way and its possibilities for anyone in our opinion. DFX is a young business from Switzerland and the perfect blueprint on how DeFi can be explained to users due to our excellent customer feedback and a total transaction volume of more than 43 million € processed in only nine months since our launch. In addition to our business model, we are committed to provide access to decentralized finance to as many people as possible and raise awareness in this context. Together with the Zigurat Global Institute of Technology, I am very much looking forward to this joint partnership.”