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About DFX.

DFX is a DeFiChain Community Project, which was started in April 2021, with the aim of exchanging EUR, CHF and USD into $DFI, dBTC, dETH, dLTC, dDOGE, dUSDT & dUSDC on the DeFiChain intuitively and easily with a standard SEPA bank transfer.

More about our Vision

DFX is the first service provider to offer a service that allows you to invest directly in crypto currencies such as $DFI, dBTC, dETH, dLTC, dDOGE, dUSDT & dUSDC using normal SEPA bank transfers and Auto-DCA.

The easiest & fastest application to exchange for dBTC, dETH &

Why DFX.

  • Creation of Auto-DCA plans with a simple standing order

  • Buying and selling of $DFI, dBTC, dETH, dLTC, dDOGE, dUSDT & dUSDC with a SEPA bank transfer of EUR, CHF & USD

  • User-friendly smartphone app for iOS and Android

  • Referral link system for lower transaction fees

More Features.

  • No custody of your coins - you always control your coins in your wallet

  • Credit card payments available promptly. Look at our Roadmap an

  • No KYC required for a transaction volume of up to EUR 900

  • Easy registration & login using your wallet

in Comparison.

DFX Banxa Transak
Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA)
Referral Links
Smartphone APP
Cheapest Fees in the Market
Independence by using DEX**

*No KYC until 900 EUR.
**DFX uses the Decentralized Exchange (DEX) on DeFiChain to exchange customer funds into ordered DeFiChain Assets.
  • Who is authorized to use our service?

    Anyone who can make a SEPA transfer to Switzerland can use the service, because the company is registered in Switzerland. SEPA is a European payment system that is supported by practically all banks in the European countries. However, we plan to create credit cards and other payment options later.

  • Can I use the service anonymously?

    No, we use your name and address from your bank transaction, as we as a Swiss stock corporation are legally obliged to do so and have to follow AML (Anti-Money-Laundering) regulations. Up to CHF 1000 trading volume, however, no KYC (know-your-customer) process is required, your SEPA bank details are sufficient for trading DeFi assets.

  • How does the purchase process work as soon as I make my transfer to DFX?

    We collect the incoming purchase orders and initially execute them once a day, more often when the purchase volume increases. This total amount is exchanged for BTC and transferred to the DeFiChain wallet. There, the total amount and BTC is exchanged for the various coins via the Decentralized Exchange (DEX) and finally transferred to the individual wallet addresses of the customers / clients.

  • Does DFX have any access to my coins?

    During the buying and selling process, we are responsible for your assets in order to exchange them on your behalf. Before and after we have no access to your coins, because your coins are only in your wallet, to which we have no access!

  • Are other payment systems offered as well?

    Yes, we are already working on integrating as many payment systems as possible. The next payment system that we will integrate in addition to the SEPA payment system are credit card payments (see also our roadmap an).

  • How does the referral program work?

    When you make your first transaction through us, you will be assigned a referral link. If you send this on and it is used when making a purchase of any coin on DeFiChain, you will receive 0.5% of the purchase volume in DFI at the end of the month. Please have a look at our Terms and Conditions as well.

  • How do I contact DFX and how do I reach the support?

    Questions of any kind regarding the DFX are always welcome via our Telegram Group. There you can find all team members who are at your side with words and deeds. Feel free to join to exchange ideas and not miss anything: Our Telegram Channel.. You can also contact our support at any time via email: contact@DFX.swiss. You can also find more information about the DFX on our Twitter account: Our Twitter Account.

  • Are non-SEPA bank transactions accepted as well?

    Yes, but we focus on SEPA transactions and try to offer the best service in this area. We cannot guarantee the same reliability with other payment systems and have to pass on costs such as the conversion into EUR to the customer.

Frequently Asked Questions.

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Completion of the APIs including an intensive test phase of the DFX service. In the test phase, a small group tests the service to identify possible errors before the official start.


Official start of trading in coins in order to purchase them at DeFiChain via bank transfer with DFX.


Integration of the mobile wallet, with which our service can be used via smartphone. The Mobile Wallet is its own app for iOS and Android smartphones.


Official start of the sale of coins at DeFiChain and payment of funds via SEPA bank transfer.


BTC, ETH & DFI purchases and sales via credit card. This means that users can use our service globally and pay with major credit cards such as VISA and MasterCard.


DFX rebranded. We would like to subject the DFX brand to a professional redesign including a name change.


Social trading. Automatically copy the portfolios of other successful investors and invest like the best in order to participate in the success.


Network with your friends. To do this, users can upload the address book and then see which friends have also installed the app. Friends can then transfer money directly without knowing the blockchain address.


Protect yourself from losing your private key. To do this, choose 3 friends that you trust. Your private key is divided into 3 parts, encrypted using 'Shamir' and transmitted to your 3 friends who don't know anything about each other. If you lose your smartphone and / or private key, you can use your mobile number to restore your private key.

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