B2B Service

Fully-regulated financial intermediary from Switzerland
Business Documents
First of all, documents must be uploaded that prove the ownership structure and the beneficial owners, e.g. by means of an excerpt from the commercial register or the company’s articles of association.
DFX B2B Onboarding 1
The 2nd step is a chatbot where questions have to be answered, e.g. about the origin of funds for the investment.
DFX B2B Onboarding 2
The final step is an online Ident procedure to establish the identity with an identification document (passport or ID card) of the beneficial owner of a company. If necessary, a video-ident procedure follows.
DFX B2B Onboarding 3
EU & FATF Regulation
DFX already complies with the FATF Travel Rule (verification of wallets using the DFX service)
DFX complies and will continue to comply with all existing (EU) regulations
The DFX Wallet is a non-custodial wallet (unhosted wallet) and cannot be restricted or prohibited
As soon as the DFX service is used from the DFX wallet (buying, selling & staking), the regulation takes effect and DFX verifies the wallet