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Buy & Sell Bitcoin. 

Our Bitcoin app is an incredible user friendly and thus powerful Bitcoin wallet, now with options to buy or sell Bitcoin. Easy.

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iPhone with DFX Bitcoin App

Buying & selling BTC made easy …

… with simple SEPA bank transactions. Buy even faster with SEPA-Instant and receive your Bitcoin within minutes and with a DFX fee of only 0.99%. Best in class!

You can also sell Bitcoin directly to your bank account and receive the payout amount in Euro, USD or CHF.

Buy and Sell Bitcoin from a Bank Transfer
Buy and Sell Bitcoin from a Bank Transfer

Your keys. Your coins.

Setup your wallet, write down or backup your seed phrase and start your journey to decentralized finance. Only you have access to your Bitcoin. Take your financial independence into your own hands.

Bitcoin price

We buy and sell Bitcoin via the central exchange Kraken as soon as the bank transfer reaches us or in case of selling Bitcoin, as soon as you have completed the sale in the app.

Buy and Sell Bitcoin from a Bank Transfer
Buy and Sell Bitcoin from a Bank Transfer

Payment options.

Choose between a simple bank transfer or, if you want it to be faster, SEPA instant and receive your Bitcoin within a few minutes in your DFX Wallet. Soon you will also be able to buy Bitcoin with credit card.

We are BlueWallet.

Are you already using BlueWallet for your Bitcoin? The DFX Bitcoin app is a fork of BlueWallet. This means you can enter your BlueWallet seed in the DFX Bitcoin App or create a new wallet and get the DFX add-on functionality. Like BlueWallet, DFX is also completely open source.

Buy and Sell Bitcoin from a Bank Transfer


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