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DFX Bitcoin wallet

Buy & Sell Bitcoin. 

Our Bitcoin app is an incredible user friendly and thus powerful Bitcoin wallet, now with options to buy or sell Bitcoin.
Easy, and completely open source.

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Buying & selling BTC made easy …

… with simple SEPA bank transactions. Buy even faster with SEPA-Instant and receive your Bitcoin within minutes and with a DFX fee of only 0.99%. Best in class!

You can also sell Bitcoin directly to your bank account and receive the payout amount in Euro, USD or CHF.

Buy and Sell Bitcoin from a Bank Transfer
Buy and Sell Bitcoin from a Bank Transfer

Your keys. Your coins.

Setup your wallet, write down or backup your seed phrase and start your journey to decentralized finance. Only you have access to your Bitcoin. Take your financial independence into your own hands.

Bitcoin price

We buy and sell Bitcoin via the central exchange Kraken as soon as the bank transfer reaches us or in case of selling Bitcoin, as soon as you have completed the sale in the app.

Buy and Sell Bitcoin from a Bank Transfer
Buy and Sell Bitcoin from a Bank Transfer

Payment options.

Choose between a simple bank transfer or, if you want it to be faster, SEPA instant and receive your Bitcoin within a few minutes in your DFX Wallet. Soon you will also be able to buy Bitcoin with credit card.

We are BlueWallet.

Are you already using BlueWallet for your Bitcoin? The DFX Bitcoin app is a fork of BlueWallet. This means you can enter your BlueWallet seed in the DFX Bitcoin App or create a new wallet and get the DFX add-on functionality. Like BlueWallet, DFX is also completely open source.

Buy and Sell Bitcoin from a Bank Transfer


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Buy Native Bitcoin with DFX – this is how it works

With us you can buy and sell Bitcoin: easy, secure and with a Swiss-licensed financial intermediary! We provide you with our own DFX Bitcoin Wallet with multiple advantages. In this digital wallet you can hold the most popular and safest cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC). The DFX Bitcoin Wallet is a non-custodial wallet, which is completely censorship-resistant that only you can access. This guarantees maximum security and flexibility.

User-friendly, fast and inexpensive: There are good reasons to buy BTC via DFX!

What are the advantages of the DFX Bitcoin app?

Benefit from faster and cheaper transactions!

The native Bitcoin variant is based on the Bech32 address type, also known as P2WPKH. Compared to the P2PKH and P2SH address types, Bech32 reduces blockchain block sizes – this native Segwit addressing format speeds up the transaction process.

Many digital wallets and systems do not yet support this innovative format. DFX, on the other hand, is on the cutting edge and allows you to take advantage of Bitcoin!

This is why it may be worth investing in Bitcoin now

The leading cryptocurrency has established itself in recent years as an alternative means of payment and as an attractive investment. With the digital currency, you can make purchases and other transactions independently of banks: Preserve your freedom with this digital means of payment!

At the same time, cryptocurrencies are recommended as an addition to your asset portfolio. Ordinary money is subject to inflation – in the multiple crises of this world, this problem is shown in all sharpness. Price increases devalue your assets, which you may have invested in time deposit accounts, among others.

The way BTC and other digital currencies work differs: The interest rate policy of central banks and other economic developments have no direct influence on the value of your digital assets. The prices of BTC and Co. are formed transparently on the basis of supply and demand on exchanges: Participate in price increases with DFX!

Buy and sell Bitcoin seriously

Cryptocurrencies offer you many advantages in terms of security. However, this requires that you acquire your coins through trustworthy channels and store them safely in a protected wallet. DFX is the perfect partner for you!

We process all buy and sell orders via the proven exchange Kraken. Purchased Bitcoin are then immediately transferred to your digital wallet. Only you can access this wallet: There is no option for DFX officials to get into your wallet. For access, you will receive an individual seed phrase, which you should write down by hand and keep it offline and safe. This seed phrase is unique, there is no alternative access option.

Is there a minimum amount for a Bitcoin investment?

A single Bitcoin is expensive: In recent years, it has been worth over 50,000 €. The good news is that you don’t have to buy a whole coin, you can buy partial amounts. This allows you to profit from increases in the value of this digital currency even if you have fewer financial resources.

Whether 50 €, 1,000 € or 10,000 €: At DFX, you can equip yourself flexibly with BTC! The transaction fee is calculated as a percentage of the value. The minimum fee is 10 €/CHF. That’s why every BTC investment pays off: You only pay 0.99 % of the transaction amount!

Buy Bitcoin on your Ledger

The Ledger cold wallet is a popular option for storing cryptocurrencies on a separate device. Some users of digital currencies prefer this hardware variant: They want to store BTC and Co. in a safe place outside the Internet.

DFX supports this type of storage with an interface. Buy BTC via our security technology – we transfer them directly to your ledger.

Sell Bitcoin directly from your ledger

You have BTC on a ledger model? You can also rely on DFX for selling! We enable you to sell your BTC smoothly over the BTC network. For this you use your individual Bitcoin Offramp! As with buying, we guarantee maximum security.

Step by step: Buy Native Bitcoin online without KYC

Up to a value of €/CHF 990 per day, DFX does not need full verification of its customers. Buy and sell Bitcoin without the hassle of the verification process. With us, you purchase cryptocurrencies without revealing sensitive data. Only from a daily purchase volume above 990€ per day we require verification. This can be started very easily directly from the app. Another advantage is the low effort. In just a few steps you can add the desired number of coins to your personal wallet:

  1. Go to My DFX in the DFX app.
  2. Click on “Buy” in the Payment Route section and select BTC.
  3. Then copy the payment data including the reason for payment into your online banking and transfer the desired amount.

Immediately after the payment is received, we will transfer the BTC shares to your wallet. If you initiate an instant transfer at your bank, the entire process will only take a few minutes.

The DFX non-Custodial Wallet: Full control over your Private Keys

With DFX you use a non-custodial wallet. This means that the keys for your BTC are exclusively in your hands. Neither DFX nor third parties have access to your assets in this established cryptocurrency. Our approach excludes any abuse on our part!

Download the DFX Bitcoin App on the App Store

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