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“The easiest way to buy and sell Crypto. I don't even have to set up a complicated account."
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Open Source

First fully Open-Source Fiat On- and Offramp.

Fast & Easy

Invest in Bitcoin and Crypto from just 1 €/CHF.

Swiss based

Swiss Company, Regulation, Legal certainty & Bank Account

Your Bitcoin Power Tool

Bitcoin, Lightning and Taproot Assets

Our BTC Taro App is an incredible user friendly and thus powerful self-custody Bitcoin, Lightning and Taro Protocol wallet. Easy, completely open source and with the cheapest and fastest on- and offramp available on the market.

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DFX Multichain Toolbox

Directly in and from your Software & Hardware Wallet

Buy and sell more than 80 coins and token directly in your Software Wallet or Hardware Wallet. Or convert Bitcoin and Crypto back to your bank account. Accessible by clicking the tiles in our DFX Toolbox.

DFX Services
> 80
Buy- & sellable Coins & Token
> $100 Mio
Total Transaction Volume
> 99 %
Customer Satisfaction
Our Toolbox for your Website

Just a few lines of code

Integrate our DFX Toolbox in your website and set up your on- and off-ramp in minutes with our seemless iFrame solution, or use our APIs for a deeper integration. Don’t forget - everything we do is open-source.